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E3 2014: Bronson's Sony Conference Review

E3 2014: Bronson's Sony Conference Review

It has been one year since Sony laid down one of the biggest E3 burns of all time. In that one year the PS4 has gained a substantial lead over the Xbox One, Sony has released some great exclusives, and the PS4 has one of the best starts to a console life cycle ever. The question for this E3 is can the keep the lead?

Sony opened up E3 with a new Destiny trailer, and a huge reveal of a Destiny PS4 bundle with a white PS4. Not only that, but the beta starts in July, with the alpha happening this upcoming weekend. As a huge Halo fan, Destiny has me so excited that I can't take it. This was followed up by The Order: 1886, while I am not a big fan of horror games I actually am kind of interested in this game mainly because of its superb presentation.

The Order: 1886 was followed by Entwined an indie game based around a orange and blue dragon finding each other (it is supposed to be a parable for finding love) which looked interesting and for ten dollars I will for sure give it a try. This was followed by the first Infamous Second Son DLC. Infamous: Fast Light, which will star the neon conduit from Second Son Fetch. Neon was my favorite power in Second Son and Fetch was my favorite supporting character, seeing them both expanded on excites me.

Shortly after this, Little Big Planet 3 the best kept secret of E3 (at time of writing this article). Media Molecule showed off new characters to play as, how they will work together, and all the user created levels from the previous games carry over with updated graphics. This might be the biggest exclusive of the year for PlayStation and I am always more than ready to create more epic levels.

In a drastic change in tone, the new game created by From Software, the fine folks who make games for masochists Demons Souls and Dark Souls. Well, their new title Bloodborne is a horror game in the same vein as the Souls games. These aren't for me but I do love watching other people play these games so I will call this a win.

Shortly after Bloodborne was unveiled, Far Cry 4 gameplay was shown to the world, it looks like a far prettier Far Cry 3 with enhancements made to multiplayer. I enjoyed Far Cry 3, specifically hunting so if this continues the hunt I am so down for some more Far Cry. Then Dead Island 3 was unveiled and I did not care, moving on.

After Far Cry 4, it was a Grim Fandango HD port (I wanted to scream in ecstasy when this was announced), followed by the march of the indies Magika 2, Super Bro Force, Hot Line Miami 2, Titan Souls, Not a Hero. All of these caught my interest especially Super Bro Force and I am looking forward to many hours on my Vita and PS4 murdering things in the most bro game ever made.

In yet another shift in tone from comic and light hearted to dark and gruesome; the new Suda 51 game was unveiled Let it Die. It seems dark, crazy, and violent. Very little is known, but he is the No More Heroes guy so I have faith.

Then, as fast as the tone changed, it went right back to indies with Abzu a game based around sea exploration that no one would care about if some of the Journey team wasn't involved. Then there is No Man Sky, which is a procedurally generated space travel game. Every planet is random and different, the universe is infinite. Being able to explore space and have endless adventures instantly put this on my must play list.

Sony continues to push free to play games. Some of them looked really impressive and as I have learned from Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Dota 2 you can make great free to play games that aren't just meant to tap the player’s wallets.

Sony then began talking about PlayStation TV, I know that the general audience has very little use for this, but as someone who runs a weekly new release show, until now capturing Vita software has been impossible so it's nice to have the option. Also, the family loves Netflix and it's always good to have cheap options that also plays some games is perfect.

Moving on they debuted the first gameplay of Mortal Kombat X, as one of the staffs two fighting game lovers this game has me so hyped. It looks unbelievably intense. I just hope my PS3 fight stick works with PS4.

It was at this point where Sony decided to kill all this positive press and momentum by spending far too long on powers. I am all for comic book stories becoming shows and this sounds like an interesting take on those characters, but man this was way to drawn out and painful to watch. Also a Ratchet and Clank movie is coming and it looks pretty good.

Luckily, Sony rebounded with one of the best string of games to end a press conference ever. Last of Us PS4 does just look like a prettier Last of Us, but The Last of Us was awesome, and it has all the DLC built in so I am more than happy to play more Last of Us, I just wish it was out a few weeks earlier.

War may have changed but Metal Gear Solid trailers have not, this was still epic, somewhat disturbing, and had a great music track to go along with it. I wish some gameplay was shown, but I am still excited.

Then came another remake Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to PS4 this fall. Along with the improved graphics you will be able to port your online data over regardless of which console you played on over to PS4. Grand Theft Auto 5 was a wonderful game, but it did have some frame rate issues at times. I am hoping this fixes those.

I really want to just put “HOLY HELL DID YOU SEE BATMAN” and stop writing, but I am obligated to say more. It looks unbelievable and I am a huge Batman fan, This pretty much made my E3, I am bummed it was delayed to 2015, but if the real game looks and plays like that they can take as long as they want. Arkham Knight is the type of game that shows you what PS4 and Xbox One are all about.

So Sony's one more thing, while obvious, was still a great tease. Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End graphically looks like the best game I have ever seen (providing that brief tease was in engine). I really liked how the dialogue in the trailer has set up an older Nathan Drake with a slightly darker story.

Sony had an amazing show, yes the few lows were incredibly low, but the highs were sky high. I look forward to the next year and a half with my PS4. It appears that PS4 is still leading in this race. Finally, just because I have to get this point across: BATMAN! GAH!

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