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MLB 14: The Show Gives NBA 2K14 a Run for Best Sports Game (Interview)

MLB 14: The Show Interview

MLB 14: The Show is Sony's latest iteration of arguably the best sports franchise, MLB: the Show. Exclusive to the PlayStation Brand, MLB 14: The Show is releasing on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and for the very first time, PlayStation 4. Exciting for fans of the MLB: The Show franchise, MLB 14: The Show is releasing with a completely new engine delivering a far more realistic baseball experience than what has been achieved previously. Everything from more polygons to redesigned stadiums to new game modes and features that are synchronized throughout the platforms makes MLB 14: The Show a very promising sports title. I recently spoke with Ramone Russell, Game Designer and Community Manager for MLB 14: The Show to bring light to what's new with the latest version of the series, as well as what the PlayStation 4 is bringing thanks to its additional power.

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